I am a postdoctoral researcher in infectious disease and microbial (meta)genomics. I am currently a member of the Systems Genomics lab at the Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute (Melbourne, Australia) with A/Prof Mike Inouye. I am also a visiting Prof Kathryn Holt‘s laboratory at the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Monash University Central Clinical School (Melbourne, Australia), and retain an affiliation with Prof Samuel Sheppard‘s laboratory at the Milner Centre for Evolution (University of Bath, UK).

I am interested in the ecology of infectious disease and the evolution of host-associated bacteria (whether humans, plants or animals). One of my focus is to examine the impact of host factors (ecological/environmental, genetics, physiology, immunity, etc) on the evolution and adaptation of the bacterial species and communities that they carry. In the past, I’ve been working on various questions surrounding this theme, such as:

  • how ecology and the host/non-host environment impacts microbial evolution,
  • how infectious pathogens can emerge from background asymptomatically-carried populations,
  • how microbes jump hosts and transmit between them and,
  • how functional communities assemble, maintain and interact in complex microbial environments and microbiomes

Prior to moving to Australia, one of my main research questions was how intensive agriculture and the domestication of livestock could have an impact on the microbes/pathogens they carry, on their evolution, ecology and virulence to humans and animals. Since moving to Australia in 2018, I have incorporated metagenomics and more generally large-scale multi-omics approaches in human clinical cohorts to my research.

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